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Stellent goes big with best biz awards international 2021

The Best in Biz Award programs involve prominent writers, contributors, and reporters from the top-tier press. The 2021 jury panel for the 9th Annual Best in Biz International program involved the top brass of some of the most respected publications. With a stroke of the pen, they made it clear as to where the nominees stood. A moment of eerie silence was palpable as the jury gave their final verdict. And even before the ink could dry on the score sheets, STELLENT stood up well to their scrutiny and went on to win the Silver Award for the Company of the Year 2021 in the large and medium category.

If there’s an opportunity to share just one distinguishing trait that separates STELLENT from its contemporaries, it’s innovative commercial models. By offering outcome-based and gainsharing models, STELLENT is transforming the way customers operate. While other players in the industry just tout about it and are hesitant to provide these models, STELLENT delivers via a skin-in-the-game approach instead of the traditional usual break-fix approach. This novel approach implies pay or penalty solely on the outcomes. This one-of-a-kind approach distributes risks on both parties of the engagement in a fair manner.